The new ad from SAS Scandinavian Airlines is a rare example of clever commercial, one of the fewest among those which stuff the media we use everyday.

Shortly, it lists a series of typical Scandinavian foods, tools, uses… But, it continues, whatever it’s considered typically ours actually is not: almost every quintessential Danish, Swedish or Norwegian thing has been taken from other populations and cultures. Still it goes on, it is all of them together, mixed with our own taste, that make them typically Scandinavian. And taking every time something from abroad to be added to our own experience can only enrich us.

Genial! A tribute not only to travel (as you can expect of course from an airline company), but also to communication, curiosity and human empathy.
Congratulations, SAS.

Unfortunately this ad, with its as clever as obvious observations, has not been appreciated at all at home and has raised bad moods among the Scandinavians. And that is a pity.

So, I hope you change your mind, everyone of you with that unfair bad mood,  and realise there is a whole world waiting for you to discover it and let it enrich your life.

SAS: what is truly Scandinavian?